Converting legend and axis text in visualizations of custom questions

Hello everyone

I’m doing a translation of a dashboard from English to French. This entails translating the legend and axis labels of some visualizations of some custom questions (among other things).

For example, on this graph, I need to translate “true” and “false” to “vrai” or “faux”.
On another one, I need to translate English month abbreviations to their French equivalents, and on another one, I need to translate some English abbreviations, stored in a text column, to French ones.

In all of these cases, the legend text comes from a database column (perhaps with some intermediate conversion. e.g. “Jan” is derived from a full date).

I’m wondering if there is some way to change the display text so that, for example, “true” and “false” would display as “vrai” or “faux”, but without having to change it to a native SQL query.

I dug around for a while in all the visualization menus, but couldn’t find anything that would do that.

Hi @randy
The true/false requires you to return a string in French, so you would need to modify the query.
Same for the months.
It might be possible to do something with the Custom Expression substitute() in 0.35 on a Saved Question, but you’ll have to figure that out.

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Hi @flamber

Thank you so much!