Count number of rows with the same value (Question)

I try to figure out how could I display in the custom column number of rows with similar value
I could use "question" only.
Name | Date
Name 1 | 1.01.2023
Name 2 | 1.01.2023
Name 1 | 2.01.2003

I need to show the number of rows with the same 'name'.
Report should look like this:
Name | Date. | #
Name 1 | 1.01.2023 | 2
Name 2 | 1.01.2023 | 1
Name 1 | 2.01.2003 | 2

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You need to use a count grouped by the column name

Could you, please, give me more explanation.
If I use "summarize" function it returns me only two columns: name and count (cuts all other columns).
In my case, I need dates because there will be a filter on the Dashboard to specify the date period.

You'll need to summarize by both date and # like this: