Count of rows doesn't count

Hi there, I have the problem that the view ‘Count of rows’ doesn’t work properly. As you can see on the right there are 407 rows - which is correct. Unfortunately count of rows does not reflect that. Instead a new column is added which I don’t fully understand. Switching to a number visualisation will display 46 - which is again a new number… Any ideas?

Hi Lars, what happens if you remove the “nid < nid” in “grouped by”?
As far as I understand count of rows is the rows in the database - so when you have 407 lets say products (one product is one row) it will show 407 products. But when you group them by something (lets say product category) it counts the products per category?

When I build a query somehow similar to yours it looks like that:

(maybe your second column is not shown as you group by the key field?)

When I remove the “grouped by” I´ll get the number of projects (= count of rows)
Hope that helps!

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