Creating a chart, I'm missing something

If there is a simple doc, and I mean, just starting out Unix CLI guy trying to figure this out kind of simple, please feel free to point me at it. I’ve got some data and trying to get some graphs now.

I have a database with a table. I’m running a job every 30 mins that populates with a customer code, disk space used, disk space available, disk space total and the IOPS usage of the storage.

I have added a custom column to use total and used to get a % free. I would like to have a time based graph for the average of all customers for the % free, that’s pretty easy. But is there a way to have for 1 user, that graphed, and then over-layed on the total to compare? Can I have a dropdown on my dashboard to select who I overlay so I don’t have to have a dashboard for every customer code? ( I have about 200 )

If I can get something like this I can get digging into more of what I want for the dashboards.


Hi @Robert.Harris
You would probably benefit from reading this:
And then you are probably looking for combining two graphs: