Creating a testing instance

Anybody have experience with creating a testing instance of Metabase? I’m looking to unleash the 0.33 beta on my company in a staging / testing manner so that we can see if it’s working well for everyone. I’d like to keep the 0.32 instance up and running as a hot standby, so that we can revert quickly if needed.

I’m guessing that simply keeping a copy of the old JAR on the same box isn’t going to work for wanting to revert to the current release – there’s no assurance of backward-compatibility, right? Would simply copying the Metabase DB to another machine be adequate?

Hi @dodongo
You should not mix-and-match the two versions - you’ll end up with something not working.
If you want to test the 0.33.0-RC1, then duplicate your metadata and connect to that. It would just be for testing, since any changes made to either of the metadata would not be synced.
It doesn’t seem like there are any metadata changesets between 0.32.10 and 0.33.0-RC1, which normally would allow a downgrade (though not recommended), but given that you can now make joined queries with 0.33.0-RC1 (and other advanced stuff), then you would not be able to downgrade the metadata.

Oh right, of course. Changes within Metabase itself I wouldn’t expect to persist. I just want to create an instance of the new version pointing at existing databases so we can get a sense of whether or not the mission-critical reports are still doing the right thing – because obviously that would be bad if not.

Very certain I can make a computer not do the right thing; that’s not on y’all. Thank you so much for the feedback :slight_smile: