Crosstab in Metabase

I want to Create crosstab like this in metabase , could u pls help me on this ??
Not getting straight way to create cross tab like this in metabase

Hi @janhavimFlock
That looks like a Pivot table - which requires your dataset to be two dimensions and one metric:
For full transpose, there’s a request for that: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hi , Thanks for response ,

My one dimension is Date and second dimension is measure name .
Issue I am getting for second dimension which is measure name .

Not getting exact way to resolve that …

@janhavimFlock Without knowing which database you’re querying or how your query looks, then it’s difficult to help.
You need to return the data as such:

Name | Date | Value

If you’re having general questions about how to write a query, then you can probably find more specific help for your database on