Currency not displaying properly

Hi, I have configured a column as a currency in Admin:

However it does not seem to display as a currency on the front end, I am expecting to see it with £ sign and to two decimal places with commas, e.g. £100.25


Do I need to change the settings anywhere else?

Hi @wbix
I can see that you are showing a screenshot from a dashboard, so it's difficult to know if you have changed the visualization settings for the card on the dashboard or the question, which will override the setting you made the Data Model.
Also, the "Amount" column looks like a string instead of numeric column (it's left-aligned). Metabase expects a numeric column.

So to begin with, figure out which level the problem occurs on - stop at the level where it's wrong:

  1. Go to the table where "Amount" exists - via Ask question > Simple question > (db) > (table)
  2. Go to the question
  3. Go to the dashboard > edit > hover the card and click Visualization options > Reset to default

Hi - thanks so much for the reply. I think the problem is occurring at the data model level and I think you are correct it is a string, can I fix this in Metabase or do I need to get it changed in the source database (if I can)?

Just had confirmation that it is stored as a string in MongoDB, so I can't change it there.