Customizing Access to Fields Based On User


We have a very simple data model consisting of one table. We are looking to customize how this data can be accessed with the following requirements:

  1. Currently, the user is able to access all records within a data set. We need a filter so questions returns records containing a certain token.

  2. Change timestamp formats from UTC to PST

  3. Currently a field in a given record can be either a code or a time stamp. The code starts with “token-prefix….” We need to mask the records where the this field has the code with an empty field

These may sound like simple questions, but we are new to Metabase and are mainly concerned about how to enable access control on records within the same table.

Can this be accomplished via Dashboards > Cards > Questions or do we need to customize or extend the Clojure codebase itself? Perhaps a combination of both. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks!


This feature request is being tracked and discussed here: