Customizing columns name on aliased table


I can't customize the column name of the same table called multiple times in a query.

Metabase 0.45.3 // MySQL 8.0.32

I have 2 tables like :
person (id, name)
relation (id_1, id_2)

Tables and data definitions :

create table person as 
select all *
from (values row (1, 'Marie'), row (2, 'Gabrielle'), row (3, 'Jean'), row (4, 'Sophie')) as p (id, name);

create table relation as
select all *
from (values row (2, 3), row (4, 2), row (1, 2)) as r (id_1, id_2);

I need to reproduce a query like the following with the notebook graphical editor (note the different column names) :

select all as "P1 ID", as "P1 Name", as "P2 ID", as "P2 name"
from relation as r
inner join person as p1 on r.id_1 =
inner join person as p2 on r.id_2 =;

What I do :

The result, columns have the same name :

I edit the "Person_2 => Name" label to "P2 name" :

But all columns name are renamed :


Finally, I can't customize each colmum name independantly. It's looks like a bug.

Thx !

Probably a linked bug. When I want to reuse the previous saved question in a new one, I have the following error message : Cannot resolve joined field due to ambiguous joins: table person (...) joined multiple times. You need to specify an explicit ":join-alias" in the field reference.

Where to define such a "join-alias" ?