Dashboard Alerts


I would like to know if is possible to make alerts for dashboards to send by email?

I can find only alerts for questions.


Hi All,

Is it possible ? Even i am looking for the same feature.

Hi @bastosbrunoce

But how should that work, when should it send an email?
If there’s multiple cards on a dashboard, how/when should it detect the alert?

Hi Flamber, i want to have in my email a daily sending, not when changing something for the full dashboard.

Every 7:00am they send to my email the full dashboard i want, for example.

For specific questions, i know that i can handle alerts that can change something to send to me, like a goal or something like that.

Now I get it. I’ve tried to search the Github issues, but I don’t see a feature request for this.
But dashboard export is a fairly new feature added in 0.30 I think: