Dashboard default filter - filter based on logged in user


I would like to create dashboard for sales rep. “My Pipe.Sales…”
let say I have 10 sales reps and, they will use the same dashboard.

I would like to filter based on logged in user.
Add New filter=>Category=>Salesrep(column)=@loginuseremail@

salesrep=field in question
@loginuseremail@ = context from logged in user.

any idea how to achieve the above scenario?

Hi @norbertbede
The feature you’re asking for is available in the Enterprise Edition and is called Sandboxing

The Metabase FAQs mentions a similar use case under “Can I restrict embedded charts by user, or by group?” so you may want to take a look at Embedding charts and dashboards with locked parameters into your own application.

To do what you’re asking for would also take Cascading, Dependent, Linked, etc. filters (e.g. Sales Rep -> Product Line -> Account) and you can sign into GitHub and upvote the following issue in the first post to let the Metabase team know of your interest this feature: Limit the number of options displayed in a filter based on the selection of another filter. #5540

The more upvotes an issue receives the further it climbs up the highly-requested items list and the more likely it is to become part of an upcoming release.