Dashboard filter causes change in visualization

Hi Everyone!

I have a Question that is visualized as a /table/.

I added that Question to a Dashboard and then added a date dashboard filter linked to the Question’s “created_at” date.

When I change the dashboard filter, it causes the Question to change visualizations to a /bar chart/.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

I’m using 0.35.3 Metabase.

Thank you!

Hi @dolphinkickme
I have not seen that before.
Which database are you querying?
And is it a Simple/Custom question or Native/SQL question?
Can you provide steps to reproduce this with Sample Dataset?

Thank you @flamber!

I am querying a PostgreSQL db (hosted at AWS RDS).

It is a simple question, built on top of a Native SQL question (I needed to break out some JSON).

I will endeavor to provide the steps shortly.

Ah, I think this is the issue:

Thanks for the help guys! Looks like this might get fixed soon.