Dashboard Filtering


We report this but don’t know if it could be a bug or simply a Metabase change of behaviour.

In previous versions of Metabase when you filtered data on a dashboard the filter was only acting on the cards that were involved. Other cards would just became “grey” standing for “the filter is not acting on this card”.

Since newer releases if a card on a dashboard is not affected by the active filter, the result is still showed. (this, in our opinion, might get you in error) …something like: mmm ok i filtered data and this is my result…but the filter is not even acting on that result.

we are running Metabase 0.29.3.

Anyone with the same feeling?

That sounds like a design change with unintended consequences. Personally I haven’t been paying attention and am coasting along in v29.2. Perhaps illustrate with screenshots comparing to what it looked like in previous versions and open a github issue so it gets onto the Metabase team’s priority list.