Dashboard not displayed, t.native['template-tags'] is undefined

I updated Metabase from v0.30.4 to v0.31.2 and after that one of my dashboards doesn’t work.
First of all I must double click on it to open and the only following message appears: “t.native[‘template-tags’] is undefined”
All individual questions seem to be fine.
Why i so? Any idea?
I tried to delete all {{variables}} from questions used for filters but that did not help.

I noticed another arror connected with this dashboard only when i try duplicate it:
Input to field-clause->id-or-literal does not match schema: e[0;33m [(named (named (not (some-matching-condition? nil)) “Must be a valid instance of one of these clauses: :field-id, :field-literal, :fk->, :datetime-field, :expression, :binning-strategy”) clause)] e[0m

Hi @deny
Your issue looks very much similar to an open bug - if you agree, can you supply then with more details (browser console log, Metabase log, etc)

It’s strange because in Chrome i have different error: Cannot read property 'country' of undefined when for the same dashboard in Firefox have t.native['template-tags'] is undefined.
There is no error in Chrome console. In Firefox i have the same information: TypeError: t.native['template-tags'] is undefined. The same clear in Metabase log.