Dashboard question order impact?

I have a dashboard with 15 or so questions. Some of the queries have many joins and take a few minutes to return results so to speed things up on the dashboard, I’ve been saving the results into their own tables in sqlserver and pulling the data from those tables. The results return in less than a second in sql server and about 1 second in metabase when using ask a question.

Here is the issue. I added the fast loading question to the dashboard expecting the results to return faster than all the other questions, but it takes almost as long as the queries with joins taking 30+ seconds. Are the questions triggered to return sequentially based on when they are added to the dashboard or something so this fast question is simply stuck in a queue of sorts until the others resolve? I cant seem to find a reason for this to load so slowly in the dashboard compared to the other questions when I know it should be the fastest to load. Any help or documentation is appreciated.

Hi @bendgame

Post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.

By default Metabase allows up to 15 database connections, so you might be queued by that, but it could also be the application database or the amount of Jetty threads.
Check your log during the load of the dashboard - Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs.

I would recommend that you read these two articles, which has more details about tweaking Metabase: