Dashboard - Trend Vizualization, define my own %

Hi there,

we're currently looking into metabase for our defacto dashboarding solution. And in that aspect we found the "Trend" vizualization option. We also saw, that there is a grouping of time needed either week/year etc. which makes generally sense.

But, in our case we want to have a relative time range (for example last 30 days) and then compare it with what happend last year in the same 30 days (so interval -1 year). I understand that this seems not possible with the trend dashboard, but is it somehow possible to "define" the % ourselfs i.e. hand it over in a table or so ?
This would be a great solution also for other cases - so basically the input for the trend vizalization could be two metrics:

  • Main metric to show
  • 2nd metric to show in %

Where the 2nd can be of whatever the query gives back, instead of the "fix & required" time grouping. Is there already such a solution/option?

thx & best

Hi @hochm
That's currently not supported, but upvote the following issues by clicking :+1: on the first post of each:
You'll want to read this article too: