Dashboard Windows Title

If you have more than one Dashboard link and you open the Dashboards, all tabs in the browser have the same Name “Metabase”.

It would be great to have the Option to set an individual title in the browser tab for each Dashboard, if possible.


Hi @Olaf_Fischer
That’s already how it works - which version are you using?

Hi, we are using v0.34.3.

e.g. we have links for different Dashboard on one SharePoint site
Links Opening in different tabs and result is attached, Name for all tabs is “Metabase”

@Olaf_Fischer Okay, it’s a specific problem with public shared links:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/12227 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hi @flamber

I am using v0.40.5 and I found the same problem with a public shared question.
It would be great if it show the question name on browser title too.

Best regards,

@kasipat You're welcome to open an issue about it: https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/new/choose