Data binding issue

getting errors like " Y-axis must not cross 0 when using log scale"

please help me to fix this issue.

You can't have a log of a negative number. Change away from a Log scale

@AndrewMBaines in my data there is no negative numbers.

Show the data as a table to check

Sorry , it will cause a security problem.
in the Y-axis am binding the derived data ((registered user count /loggedin usercount)*100)
on top of this written some case statements accordingly final data could be 0 to 100 not less than 0 and not more than 100

I don't want to see the data, I want you to check there are no negative numbers.
Zero would break it too - could that be the problem?

we cant avoid '0' in our data, do you have any alternate/solution

Don't use a log scale!
The log of zero is infinity, so won't fit on the screen.