Data duplication / template with metabase API


I'm new to Metabase - seems like a really interesting tool.

We have a MySQL DB, with data from different customers, each one of them in a different logical MySQL DB.

I'd like to define a set of questions, dashboards etc and have it defined for each customer - Since I saw that it's not possible to use a template with different DBs, I thought of defining the questions/dashboards etc through API, and then duplicating it per customer (tenant) using metabase API.

Is that possible?
Is there an existing tool/library utilizing such a flow (similar to Infrastructure as code, but to metabase objects)

Any help appreciated


Hi @rotem_dafni
The Enterprise Edition of Metabase has a function called Serialization, which can be used for creating templates (or staging environments)
Otherwise have a look at third-party scripts like