Data Model (Schema) not refreshing after sync or restart - visibility_type of 'retired' is incorrect

I have a collection (mongo database), and its schema changed a few hours ago. The new fields are not showing up under “Data Model” in the admin panel, even after trying to sync the database and even restarting the metabase server.

It’s paramount that I start working with the new schema as there are stakeholders very interested in the data.

The questions: How can I force a refresh of the data model? How can I debug if there’s something going wrong with the sync? In the logs I only see warnings for:

WARN metabase.driver :: Don’t know how to map class ‘null’ to a Field base_type, falling back to :type/*.

Thanks for any help!

EDIT: I notice is the metabase_field table, there’s multiple rows with visibility_type of retired

I was able to solve the problem by manually altering the visibility_type from retired to normal. I really wish there was a way to force Metabase to re-check whether the data model is accurate.