Data permission issue

I have a table, and a column name departmentId in it. For example, UserA can access data with strict 'departmentId = 1', and userB can access data with strict 'departmentId = 2', is there any solution for this?

You need the paid for version to do row level security.
Only other alternative is to use embedded dashboards and pass the user id as a hidden filter.

ok, but embedded dashboard cannot drill down, for the open source version, right ?

Workaround is to have a 2nd question on the dashboard that has a filter that's set by clicking on the first question. Not ideal, depends upon how much data you need to display.

ok, but can we set 2 questions related? any link for this function?

You add the questions to a dashboard, create a filter. Add the filter to each question.

so after created questions, when I click one chart, like a bar, it will change the filters? and affect all related questions ?


It works find, but when I put many questions in it, my customs feel confused. You are right, it's not ideal

In the next release, you'll be able to hide questions that have no results. Might be possible to change your 2nd question to not display any data if there are more than 1 values selected? Not worked it out myself, but that's what I'd try first.