Data permissions for saved questions disabled for admin

Hi since upgrade to 0.32.5 I am unable to use any of my saved questions due to an permission issue I spotted under the Data permissions tab for saved questions , where I am unable to enable this permission for both user and admin.

Hi @abhishek
Which version did you upgrade from?
What errors do you get, when you try to use any of the Saved Questions? Check both Metabase log and browser console.
You can ignore “Saved Questions” on Permissions page.

Hey @flamber I upgraded from 0.32.3 to 0.32.5.
However I am unable to find my saved questions now when I try to create a custom query from a saved query .
Regarding the logs , Im unable to gather that log since we print it out to stdout

Okay, there shouldn’t be any changes to that between 0.32.3 and 0.32.5 - those are mostly fixes for async webserver and MySQL connections.

Without the log, it’s going to be close to impossible to figure out what’s going on.

Does it only affect your saved questions? Or is it a problem for all users not being able to use saved questions?

Since there’s no database changes between those versions, then you can downgrade - still, recommend doing a backup first - just to see if the issue is fixed on 0.32.3 again.