Data value colors on charts & view

I have two questions regarding coloring data values and data value view.

1- How can i give a color to these data values in this line chart. I couldt find any option to do that.

2- In the same line chart i have another question. As it is seen that there are 3 lines which are dark blue, red and soft blue. In the period of Q1 it only shows two of the data value and one missing. When i arrange axis, yes it can be seen but i dont want to arrange axis but fix it as 0-100. Whatever i did i just couldt find a solution that all data values were shown even if they seen in a row. Is it possible to show all data values no matter how it seems in charts?


I am using "Starter Pack" and latest version of mb.

anyone care to answer?

I saw someone having same problem with me in github but nothing happend for 2 years?