Database_name dropdown isn't parsing?

I have this dashboard.

It has two Questions, the second a copy of the first one, showing a table instead of bars.
I can add to the dashboard a daterange picker, however the database_name picker doesn't filter.
You start typing and nothing comes up.

I've tried relinking it by deleting it and readding it to no avail.

Here's the question for reference.

Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:


Hi @Antoine
Remove the filter in the question and add the filter right below the Data section (blue, table). Save question. Then it should work.
You are basically seeing this issue, but that's not a problem for you with how your question can be re-structured:

Thank you Flamber!

I removed the filter altogether however it still doesn't populate.
I believe this is because the four questions are very data intensive and take a few minutes to load up.
Would that be the case?

I see that of course the more questions a dashboard has the more time it takes to load initially.
When needing to visualize many dimensions what have you seen as best practices? Create multiple dashboards?

Thank you for your guidance,


@Antoine Simplify everything. Make one dashboard with one filter and one question. Possibly recreate them from scratch. It is basically impossible for anyone to know what your setup is or how to help.
I would recommend that you read this too:

As slow dashboard, will the main problem is likely the crazy bar chart with huge amount of data shown, which doesn't seem all that helpful to the viewer. Perhaps display the information with less granularity, or just all databases combined, where users could then click the chart to drill-through to more details?

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Thank you Flamber,

I've reached a catch 22.
Our database_name reflect customer domains.
We need to map feature usages via a universal dashboard wherein folks can dropdown/filter the database_name / customer domain they want to see. The features themselves are usually queried against a table or two.

Currently the problem is that to have a universal dashboard with filters to limit with database_name / customer domain and which time period you have to architecture the question to gather all database_names because the dashboard can't overwrite the question's filters and reprocess from there.

Also, because the dashboard loads up immediately all the data and there's no way to set filters THEN load the data, the webpage simply can't take it that much processing.

For us, to use metabase effectively, we'd need two features:

  • The ability for a dashboard to be told when to load data so that when the dashboard page is accessed it doesn't immediately process the questions and visualize them all in the board.
  • The ability for a dashboard's filters to override the questions filters so that we can have a question in a dashboard that can filtered without having it loading all the database_names.

If we had that, when I load up the dashboard, data wouldn't start populating until I set the filters up and hit load data or something.

As it stand, I don't see how I can give the team a universal dashboard.
I'd need to create a dashboard for every database_name or something like that.

Am I completely off my wagon here?

Thank you for your help, Flamber,


@Antoine You can set the default filter value on the dashboard to some non-existing value, then it won't load all the question data by default.
You are basically looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

As for dropdowns. They will work if you don't have too many distinct values - otherwise you should use a search.

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