Database Storage

so im running the docker image of metabase
in my command i persisted the volume outside the container to local path

after the metabase initialisation was complete, i go into the metabase container to check the directory “metabase.db”

but its empty any reason

docker run --restart=unless-stopped -p 3000:3000 -v /home/metabase-data/metabase.db:/metabase.db -e "MB_DB_FILE=/metabase.db" -e "MB_DB_TYPE=postgres" -e "MB_DB_DBNAME=dbname" -e "MB_DB_PORT=5432" -e "MB_DB_USER=postgres" -e "MB_DB_PASS=1" -e "MB_DB_HOST=mycompany.domain" -e "MB_ENCRYPTION_SECRET_KEY=KYTBWYgWBbPaxYTj5Prt/CdesASO6H9XxUzDHdG1234=" --name metabase metabase/metabase:v0.33.6 

Hi @anonymous
But you are both trying to pass H2 file parameters and Postgres parameters, and since you’re specifically setting MB_DB_TYPE=postgres, then that will take effect, so there’s no reason to specify MB_DB_FILE and the volume, since Postgres will be the application database (metadata).
By the way, you need to change the MB_ENCRYPTION_SECRET_KEY, since you posted it publicly. And I think you need quotes around the value, since it contains command line syntax characters (i.e. =)

if i get u right once u specify postgres as the main application DB, you dont really have to get the database storage in your local path ???

@anonymous Correct. Just like it is shown in the documentation: