Database updating

Hello everyone,

so Metabase honestly looks awesome and I definitely want to try it.
My problem however:
how do I update my data? I use PostgreSQL and have a database of interpreters in an Excel list, which I think I can manage to port to Postgres myself. Me and my team, who are unfortunately not very computer literate, need to be able to quickly and efficiently add more interpreters regularly. It’s a bit off-topic I realize, but I wanted to ask what solutions you guys might have for that.


Hi @majulan
I’m not sure I understand your question, so please let me know if my answers are off.

Do you have your data in Postgres or Excel?
If you have your data in Postgres, then Metabase can connect to that.

As for updating data - that’s not a role for Metabase. It is for analysis and reporting, not editing. Metabase has only read-access to your database.

But if you mean, how does Metabase show the latest data? That’s automatic, since Metabase just makes queries to your database, so it will always show the latest data unless caching is enabled.
There are certain sync/scan processes that run every hour/day, which updates Metabase with information about your database.

Hi @flamber
Thanks for your answers.
I realize my question doesn’t have much to do with Metabase, but I figured I’d ask anyway.

I’m wondering how to easily add data to my Postgres database. Specifically, new interpreters.
I trust my team to use Metabase, they can manage that, but using DBeaver or what have you, I don’t.


Well, I would have recommended HeidiSQL/DBeaver, but for regular users, that might be too difficult.
I’m not sure what to recommend.
If they’re used to Excel, then you could setup data connections, so editing in Excel actually updates Postgres. This is a hacky, horrible solution, but might work for you.
Otherwise you might want to look for other tools, which are simpler/easier than DBeaver: