Database volumetry


How to define the database volume required to create a Metabase solution in Production? Which DBMS would be the most performant, MYSQL or POSTGRESQL?

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Hi @Lourival
It would depend on the tweaks that an database administrator can do, but you should use the database that you know and fits into your production environment.
Depending on your Metabase application database size, I don’t think you’re going to see much difference between the two, but Postgres is known for it’s advanced features.

Hello @flamber lamber, good morning and thank you!

Taking advantage of the subject Database, what would be the recommended version of Postgresql? For MYSQL the indicated version is from 5.7 …

@Lourival I think you’re misreading that. That’s the minimum version. For Postgres that would be 9.4
As the recommended version, well that depends on your environment, but the latest, which is currently 12.2

Ok @flamber, muito obrigado.
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