Date field between 2 field filters dates

How to create 2 field filters dates (start_date and end_date) having widget type Month and Year, and use them to filter another date field

Hi @sam1
Field Filters are tied to a single column. You would have to either use two Date filters, or some hacking around to get the min/max dates like this Date range filter for custom field - #2 by flamber

thanks for replying @flamber!
how to use 2 date filters (with type month and year)? I tried it but didn't work

@sam1 The Date variable requires the use of Single Date filter on the dashboard. If you want to use any of the other dashboard filter options, then you have to use Field Filters.
You cannot do exactly what you want, you'll need to find a workaround that works for you.

@flamber I did it using 2 other date columns ( with monthly dates values) from 2 tables. In fact, when I joined with the 2 tables, I add the condition when joining on:

select  "vendor_name" , sum("external_revenue") as "external_revenue"
from external_revenue
inner join help_tables.start_monthly_date
on to_date(order_date ::varchar, 'YYYY-mm') >= to_date(start_monthly_date ::varchar, 'YYYY-mm')
inner join help_tables.end_monthly_date
on to_date(order_date ::varchar, 'YYYY-mm') <= to_date(end_monthly_date ::varchar, 'YYYY-mm')
where  {{start_date}} and {{end_date}}
group by "vendor_name"