Date Field Filters

How to add between date field filters?
Currently, if i add date field filters then i have to manually type or select each dates for which i have to view the data.

Hi @Bhaumik
I’m not sure what you are asking, but Field Filters allow various date ranges from between dates or relative dates:
If you are still having problems, then you need to provide more information - example including screenshot.

Here i ain’t getting an option to select date from x to y
I have to manually type and add different dates in the date filter.
Any solution to this?

@Bhaumik But that’s not a date column type - it’s just strings with dates. In the upcoming 0.38, it will be possible to select Field Type in Admin > Data Model as “Text as a ISO-8601”
You should consider changing your column type to a date in your database, since it is more performant.

@flamber is this correct? or how can i get date selection filter?

@Bhaumik You need to make sure that your database (not Metabase) is using correct column types.
If you cannot do that, then you have to wait for Metabase 0.38.0 (coming soon), which will have this:

@Bhaumik could be a solution: Date field between 2 field filters dates - #5 by sam1