Date filter for Week days

A “Nice to have” feature would be to be able to filter dates on the Weekday name. For example, as a user I want to see all sales we have on Mondays.

We currently work around this by creating a number filter with the name “Weekday (1-7)” and use that in a native/SQL query to filter [[and weekday(orderdate) = {{Weekday}}-1]]. Setting 1 in the filter will show only sales on Mondays in this case. But it would be neat to be able to have a dropdown in the Date filter which would simply say “Mondays”, “Tuesdays” etc. Maybe even with multi-select :slight_smile:

@mrmiffo Think you’re looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

It’s similar, but that is about implementing it in segments. I’m interested in having it as a dashboard/question filter without having to actually create a custom segment for any date column I wish to filter by weekday.

@mrmiffo I think that’s just a misunderstanding. It’s not Segments, the Metabase feature - it’s segmentation, just in general (which would include filters everywhere, not specifically only in Segments).
It’s like Metabase also has a feature called Metrics (under Data Model), which is not the same as metrics. I can understand the confusion.