Date Filter - Invalid Input Syntax for 4/20/21 only

Hi there, we have a query we use as an order report for our ops and CS teams and have had no issues with date filters until now, when a range including the date 4/20/21 produces the following error:
ERROR: invalid input syntax for type double precision: "1,5"

Single dates and date ranges not including 4/20/21 are working completely fine, but a single date or range including 4/20 produces the error every time.

It's a SQL query directly on Postgres.

Hi @tyleryaylunch

Please include "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting, and which version of Postgres.

I have not heard of anything like this, but since it only happens, when including rows that includes that date, then I'm guessing that those rows contains some type of data that produces the error.

If you look at the data only from April 19th and then compare it to data only from April 20th, then I would guess you might be able to spot the problem.
I'm not sure which locale you're using, but shouldn't a double use dot instead of comma - 1.5 ?

If you run the query that Metabase produces (look in the browser developer Network-tab to see response from the request, which should contain the actual query) directly via psql or another tool like DBeaver, do you get the same errors?