Date from time issue

Hi, I’ve been having a seriously annoying problem with the dates in Metabase over the last few weeks.

When I try to select a date from a time, I can no longer get the shortened version of the date, and sometimes I get the full timezone included. This is a major problem as the users of my queries download the CSV and import into Excel, which cannot deal well with these formats.

E.g. previously, my_date_field::date, or date(my_date_field) or date_trunc(‘day’, my_date_field) would give the date as YYYY/MM/DD. Now, i get either ‘Monday, 16th May, 2016 08:00 AM’ or ‘2016-05-16T08:00:00.000Z’ or a combination of the two.

Can you explain to me why this has changed and how I can shorten the date format without using to_char ?



Is this just with SQL queries? I don’t know if we made any specific changes, but we did fix a few bugs related to date + times in GUI queries so something might have broken.

Can you help us by coming up with a sql query against our sample dataset to reproduce the issue?

Hi @sameer , I’m not sure where the sample database is, but I have seen the same issue. Both when I pull a sql query, and when I am using the automated metabase filters, I still get the same issue as IndIAJ. On metabase, the data output is the “Sunday, October 18, 2015 12:00 AM” that IndIAJ describes, and then the format on the right, “2016-02-20T00:00:00:00.000Z” is the output in excel.

The sample database can be selected in the db selector in SQL mode - see below

Hey Sameer, as I look for that, can you attempt to reproduce the results on your end in excel as well? This happens to me every time I download data into excel.


Hi @sameer,

I’m having this same issue. Even when I explicitly CAST as date. It’s weird because the column in question is just a date with no timestamp, but in the GUI and downloading csv/xlsx metabase adds a time.

Thanks for the help!


I have the same issue.
Could you fix it?