Date Range Option not working while selecting last days, Weeks and Months

Hey All,
I am trying to show some charts on dashboard. Chart do not work while selecting date range in days/weeks/months. It is only working while selecting the actual date range like 01-07-2022 etc.
The error which I am getting is below:

[Simba]AthenaJDBC An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. NOT_SUPPORTED: Casting a Timestamp with Time Zone to Timestamp is not supported [Execution ID: d6d39c29-5346-4af4-936d-24f8662f3e08]

Showing value if select the absolute date range.

Hi @DharmendraSingh
You should upgrade Metabase and the Athena driver. If you are still having problems after upgrading to the latest releases, then the problem is in the driver:

hii @flamber i have upgrade athena and metabase driver but still getting same issue which @DharmendraSingh was facing.
Chart do not work while selecting date range in days/weeks/months

Issue has been resolved now Thanks @flamber & @rahul2