Day of Week in the wrong order when week starting Tuesday


I've looked around this forum and github I only found this closed issue, related with the problem we are getting.

So we use Metabase 0.40.1 over a MySQL db, and have the setting to start the week on the Tuesday.
Probably because we are starting the week on a Tuesday, every time we use "day of week" in any date field we get 2 "Mondays" and 2 "Sundays". Something like:

Changing the x scale for Ordinal solves the empty columns problem, but still puts "Monday" out of order.

Actually when considering we have the week starting on a Tuesday, is the Sunday that is probably misplaced as the first value should be Tuesday, and the last Monday, with Sunday right before Monday.

I didn't found any way to solve this and basically prevent us from having this data available for usage as it may be wrongly interpreted by someone.

Do you know of any way to handle this differently, that will prevent this issues (without going for a Monday starting week)?


Hi @Joao
Seems like there some strangeness going on depending on the driver.
I have created an issue for it: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Never crossed my mind that the behavior could change by driver/DB. Tested on MongoDB, just for curiosity, and it is the same mess.