DB not visible in permissions or questions

I’ve added a MySQL DB successfully. In the data model I can select the newly added DB and hide irrelevant tables.
When I go to add a new question the DB does not appear in the list.
Checking back in the admin panel at the permissions, the newly added DB does not appear in the list. Be it permissions or otherwise, I’m at a loss as to how to proceed.

Hmm, are you still experiencing this behavior? Sometimes it just takes a minute for Metabase to sync the new database in order to display it in the UI.

Hi Maz
Yes, it seems to be resolved thanks. I thought it might be sync, but was concerned as it took a few hours to appear.

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Glad to hear it’s resolved. Strange it took a few hours, but we’ve overhauled our DB sync and analysis processes for 0.26, so hopefully issues like this will be less frequent.