Dcat / rdf

Does metabase support or have some plugin for DCAT / RDF for catalogging datasets and federation, like CKAN does? We are a public department, central government has a public datasets catalog portal based on CKAN and we’re looking for a BI tool that could allow us to define and keep lists of our public datasets in a manner that they could be automatically sent/read by this central portal that uses DCAT, thanks for any hint.


Hi @mescwb
Metabase currently support 15 databases, and many more via third-party drivers:
So unless that format can be read by one of the supported databases, then no.

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Thanks flamber, actually my question is about data catalogging, some support to DCAT/RDf, not BDs’ data accesses

@mescwb I have never heard of this before. You’re welcome to open a request, but I think there’s very little chance it will ever be implemented.