Deciding between which column should be considered in filter


From metabase page I read about using filters and mapping them to columns. But I have a case where I have to tell my query which column should be used when I give the input.

For example I have 3 columns

  1. to_be_arrived_date
  2. arrived_date
  3. left_date

The user will be entering one input eg: Jan 01 2020. There should be an option for the user to say consider this date for one of the 3 columns. And run the query based on that column. Is there a way to do it.

I need something similar to this

Thanks in advance

Hi @subash
Without knowing more details or the exact use, I would just recommend using 3 different filters.
Otherwise you would need to create a custom lookup table, which you would use with a Field Filter, so the user could easily select the type of date.