Default template for date delta

Hello everyone,
I work on a dashboard project where I need to represent a date delta average, min and max value.
Here my query :

with deltas as
    SELECT (date1 - date2) as delta from mytable 
    WHERE ...
select avg(delta), min(delta), max(delta) from deltas;

And what result I have :

It's not really beautiful to have "0 years 0 mons...", if it's possible, can I delete easily all 0 before real values ?

For example, here, I would like to have something like :

  • 22 hours 29 mins 51 secs
  • 33 secs
  • 19 days 21 hours 34 mins 7 secs

Finally I used TO_CHAR() to format my result as I wish.

Maybe it can be nice to included this format functionality in metabase, and add it in result parameters. For example I know that some format functionalities are available on numeric visualization