Delay in custom expressions being available when Save Question used as data source

I have a question (let’s call is Question A) where I’m summarizing by a multiple custom expressions (lets call them Field 1 and Field 2). This works as expected.

However, I am encountering a strange problem with I use Question A as the data source for a new question (let’s call the new question Question B).

In the editor for Question B, when trying to reference Question A’s fields (e.g. “CountIf([Field 2] = 1)” or whatever in a custom expression), it says that Field 2 is an unknown field.

The strange part is that the problem seems to resolve itself after some time. For instance, I noticed this problem the other day, and today when I tried it again today, without making any changes, in the editor for Question B, Field 2 now is recognized as an existing field in the data from Question A.

But then when go back to Question A and add another customer expression to summarize by (let’s call it Field 3), and re-save Question A, then go back to edit Question B, Field 3 is not recognized as a valid field, just like with Field 2 below.

My guess is that if I try tomorrow, this problem may be resolves by itself. Perhaps it’s some kind of delay in the way saved questions are calculated for use as a data source?

Hi @hdnyc
I’m quite sure it’s caused by browser cache. Try refreshing. - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post