Deselect options in Admin

How can I deselect an option in Admin? They seem to behave like "Radio Buttons:, where once selected, you can’t de-select by re-clicking. Also, when setting up a foreign key relation in metadata, the interface chooses the foreign table column, and won’t allow corrections when it chooses wrong. When I set up a foreign key, it should show me the foreign table column names, and let me select the correct column in the foreign table. Likeswise, once selected, it won’t allow de-selection. How can I wipe this clean, so the erroneous selections are no longer present? And how can I make it allow correct selections, instead of forcing the wrong selections?

Hi @Noah

Please post “Diagnostic Info” from Admin > Troubleshooting.

Which options are you referring to?

But there has to be a relation if you set the Field Type to Foreign Key - it cannot be nothing - that’s why you cannot deselect it.
It will only show the columns that are set as Entity Key.

If the interace forces the selection of an incorrect column, it is better to be nothing! The point is, when a selection goes wrong, it needs to be possible to de-select, as if nothing had happened. I think I found a solution, haven’t been able to test yet. I selected the foreign table first, designated the correct column as a foreign key there, and then went back to the original table, and was able to make the setting. Re. option that won’t allow de-selection, under Data Models, adjusting metadata for a table, chosing Type, once you make a selection, which was originally ‘blank’, once you erroneously choose an option, you cannot get back to 'blank, even if none of the options are correct. This is just one example. Errors must be fixable!