Development and Staging with paid plan


We will certainly switch on a paid plan during February.

Could I have some information about how to test for reserved features on a local (docker) instance and eventually a staging one ?

Said differently, could we have "pro" access for some non live instances with our associated license key?

Thanks for your help

Yup! it's as simple as getting a trial token and then spinning up an enterprise metabase container (or JAR). Don't worry about the "enteprise" name of the container or JAR, it's just a descriptive name of the features.

Hi Luiggi,

Thansk for your answer.

But a trial token as an expired date I suppose?

My question is more in a long live vision.

When we have an enterprise licence key, could we instanciate several Metabase with it ?

For exemple :

  • a local developper instance,
  • a staging instance to share queries before a realease
  • and, obviously, the live instance

you can start as many instances of Metabase as you want, we'll only charge you by the sum of all users

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@Luiggi Is that written down somewhere in the pricing plans?

I ask because we asked Sales the same question as @BertrandD and they told us that we needed to pay for each instance.

@will.b, please contact sales as the way we sell the licenses might change from time to time. Right now, for Pro self hosted, we charge by the sum of all the users in all the instances you have.