Differences in the types of dashboard filters

Since v0.46.1, I noticed some useful improvements in the management of dashboard filters (ability so select only 1 value, custom dropdown list).

Now when adding a filter of type 'text' , we have the choice between a dropdown list, search box, or an input box. However, after testing all different combinations of options, I don't see any difference between the dropdown list and the search box.

Did I miss something ?

dropdown list should expose a list of options if the fiilter is connected to an entity that exposes a list (e.g. a GUI question, or a model that has a column mapped to a table)

But I have exactly the same thing with a filter of type "search box".
In this screenshot, the dashboard filter is linked directly to a field a Mongo collection.
I have also tested the option "from another model or question" (and I chose a model), but once again, I had exactly the same thing with dropdown list or search box option.

Could you show a practical example where I could see a difference ?