Different default values in dashboard filters for each user!

Is possible to have filters in dashboards specific for users. Example. I have multiple users accessing the same dashboard, but if one selects the default value, the same value applies to all users which is not apporpiate since they have different default values wanting to have in order to quicky access data…
Thank you

Hi, it´s not possible, but there is a workaround: As the filter values are displayed in the url link to the dashboard (like https://metabase.example.com/dashboard/20?daterange=past30days) every user can use a separate link to access the dashboard with exactly the filter values they want.

Hope that helps, cheers, Eva

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I am usin this workaround but usually not technicall people get confused. I think this would be nice feature to have!

True! I agree :slight_smile: I will mark your request as “Feature Request and Suggestion” so hopefully it will be picked up. Alternatively you can also open an issue on github (I had a look but didn´t find one regarding this topic).

Thank you for the help!