Disable "Compare this row with all rows in the table"

Hi All,

I am using Metabase 32.10 with metabase metadata in Postgresql and application database as sql server.

When user starts analysing any cards and goes in details there is a option called “Compare this row with all rows in the table” this is actually taking lot of time when the table size is huge. Is it possible to disable this feature? if yes how?

Hi @NaveenHadagali
I’m not sure where you’re seeing the option, but it sounds like one of the X-Rays options.
You can disable X-Rays in top-right :gear: > Admin > Settings > General

Hi @flamber, i have disabled x ray feature.

I am able to get this as shown below


Ahhh, the Action-button. Well, no, you cannot disable that in the settings.
I only know two ways to hide that. Either you would have to inject some CSS via a reverse-proxy, or modify the source and build your own version of Metabase.
If you upgrade to 0.33.3, then the Action-button isn’t there anymore, if that helps.

Super fast response. Thanks a lot @flamber