Disable default values of variables throughout


We are using athena as our main database. We have a lot of dashboards and questions based on it. Querying on athena is costly as it scans a lot of data.
Most of our dashboards and questions have default date variable set. So everytime the dashboard is opened, a lot of queries are made on the default date selected even though that dates are not required. So we are charged double basically.

What we want ?

it would be great if you could provide an option in admin settings to disable/enable default values on dashboards and questions across.

Hi @Sahil
I don't think I understand. This would mean that people could set default values throughout, but then those would not work if it was disabled in some setting. That could lead to a lot of confusion about how the functionality works.
I would recommend that you don't set a default value if you don't want it.
But bugs and features are tracked on our GitHub. It sounds like you want this instead:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/9983 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Hi @flamber,

Actually our metabase is exposed to a lot of people in the firm. So its not possible to control all the questions and dashboards individually. What we want is, just remove the option of setting default values to all dashboards and questions. So those which already have it will be removed, and new ones cannot be set.

@Sahil I would probably recommend that you build a custom version of Metabase, where you remove/hide those fields.
Or write a database trigger that removes the defaults on insert/update - have a look in report_dashboard and report_card of the application database.