Disable drill-down on dashboards on mobile

Customers can accidentally click on graphs in the dashboard and it goes to question screen immediately on mobile.
Are there any option to disable drill-down (Clicking in graphs) for dashboards? I think we may use link parameter like night-mode, refresh etc to disable it.

How can we prevent going on to question (Detail) page on dashboards?

PS: I’ve searched the forum and I see that you have worked drill-down feature for nearly a year. Metabase is a great product because developers spent a lot of time on it.

If you share the dashboard/question and view using the shared url, there’s no drill-down to question.
Take a look at https://www.pursuittechnology.co.uk/products/metabase/

The pie chart and dashboard are both live and just shared using an IFRAME.

@AndrewMBaines, I know that but making dashboards public and embedding in another page isn’t an option for me.

You don’t need to embed them, just share the url. When you share a dashboard or question, there are two things generated. One is a simple url, the other the embed IFrame.
This isn’t embedded:

I don’t think corporate environments can accept some of their data to publicly available to all employees. At least they may not accept some of their financial dashboards.
We are looking for a solution which user needs to enter their Metabase credentials, browse their dashboards but don’t drill down on graphs like a public dashboard.

PS: We are showing it in a mobile app so we can append parameters to dashboard URL and we can also set some react parameters.

We have a similar usecase where we need secure access to the dashboard but for a subset of users only allow them to view what the dashboard renders and prevent any drilldown

Interested to hear a bit more about what you are doing with setting React parameters. What problem you had - what it enables to do - and how? :wink:

Thank you @AndrewMBaines. We have solved our problem with this approach.