Disable Google SSO without disrupting users?

Apologies for the noob level of help I'm requesting here, but I inherited admin of this Metabase install via a corporate acquisition and I know next to nothing about it.

We have a large number of users currently signing in via the Google SSO auth mechanism, and, since we are planning on closing out the Google Workspace account associated with those sign-ins, we need to know how to safely disable that auth, while still allowing users to log in with user/password.

Can I just delete the Cliend ID from the Google auth page to disable?
Will users still be able to log in with user/password, and will those passwords just be whatever their Google password was before?
Or will we need to reset all their passwords and give them new ones?

Thanks for any guidance you can give!

Are they keeping the same email address? If so, there is not much you need to do. If they don't have a password, they must reset it and create a new one.

You need to guarantee you didn't disable user/pw login (docs1) (docs2)

Awesome, thanks! This instance is free plan (I think) so I don't think I can even disable their passwords.
Thanks again!

Disable Google sso and then issue a reset password