Discovery Big Table

Hi All,
I'm a metabase newbie and I'm starting a Decision Analysis and Resolution about possible UI tools like metabase superset , custom in house datawiz, (e.g. Telerik devexpress, sencha)

Metabase is really nice, during database connection initialization it is able to discover filters and dimension filter

but I have a parquet spark datalake table which is 1.8 billion rows in test environment and about 5 billions in prod, and I got strange queries coming from metabase trying to deduct values,

is it possible to avoid metabase inspection n this single table ? or limiting on a subset like

"where year = 2021 and month = 4 "

thanks a lot for your help

Hi @dscaravaggi
Metabase will not "inspect" all your data. Only a small subset (5000 or 10000) of distinct values are pulled out during scan, while fingerprinting does something similar during sync.
But there's no way to define sync/fingerprinting/scan like you're looking for - unless you created a View on the database, so Metabase only has access to that and not the full table.
For reference:

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