Display issue in "display" tab when involving too much break out values

Hey all, this is my first post in this community, thanks for all the hard work !

I have worked with metabase 0.22 until now and just upgraded to 0.26 and I found a display bug.
In the “display” tab of any chart config window, as the left panel size increases (typically with break-out entries), it overlaps on the panel top tabs.

Env info:

  • Your browser and the version: Mozilla 45.3.0

  • Your operating system: CentOS 6.8

  • Your databases: mongoDB

  • Metabase version: 26.1

  • Metabase hosting environment: Linux x86_64

  • Metabase internal database: ND

  • Repeatable steps to reproduce the issue
    Display any chart with left panel bigger than the chart config [window]

Panel with no issue


Full disappearance

I tried the same test on version 0.22 and it behaved correctly

I believe this issue has not been detected yet, sorry for the duplicate if I missed it

Hey all, thank you for the latest release 0.28, great features.
I take the opportunity to up an old post, as it is still present in this new version.
I think I have an old version of firefox, maybe someone could try to reproduce this issue on his/her browser and tell me if they see it too ? It would be super helpful :smile: