Distributing pre-made Dashboards

Hi all,
I’ve done some work in Metabase and built out some questions/cards/dashboards but what I’d like to do, is distribute my changes. I want to be able to give another user the ability to install Metabase themselves and then import the work I’ve done (the datasets are always laid out the same, they’d just each be using their own data - it all comes from the same original tool (same column names.)

Is it possible for me to distribute it in this way? I’m comfortable using docker-compose - is it possible to share a folder/database file and use a bind mount in docker-compose for example?

Any pointers would be appreciated!


Hi @eddabrahamsen
There’s a feature called Serialization on the Enterprise Edition, which makes it possible to easily copy contents between instances.

As for the Community Edition (the open source version):
The problem in your case is that even though you might be looking at the same database structure, the synchronization that Metabase does, might create different IDs for the structure in Metabase metadata.
The only way I can see this being possible right now would be doing it through the API: